Dodgy Black Hawk Down

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by LocKStocK, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. LocKStocK

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    I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but
    just after the "Irene" mission. The map starts getting REALLY glitchy just after you get out of the humvee.
    Atfer a while I find myself navigating my way through wall after
    wall of strange colours.
    Also the original walls to the houses go see through:huh:
    Yes I do have the latest patch. (1.2.1)
  2. Sgt.WOW

    Sgt.WOW Guest

    Have you had any problems before you installed the patch?
  3. Sgt.WOW

    Sgt.WOW Guest


    Never happened to me. I haven't experianced any of that. And I don't have the patch. Did you get to the mission before the patch? maybe tha patch is to blame:p
  4. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    no problems here

    I've got both patches & completed the game twice

    I would try reinstalling latest video drivers
    & maybe reinstalling the game

    if all else fails > it might be worth contacting novalogic support

  5. razor_ro

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    finished the game???

    TwoZigzagColt45: how long did it take you to finish the game? how many missions are there? is it worth to keep playing cause to tell you the truth, so far i am not to happy with it... i am on mission 5 or something....ttyl

  6. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    Re: finished the game???

    there's 16 missions
    I spent 2 days getting to mission 15 mogodishu mile > that was really hard > I must of had close to 100 goes trying to do that :p

    the graphics on the whole are a bit plain > except for a couple of missions where the textures & shading looked a lot like doom III
    I kept getting killed on that one > too busy looking at the scenery :p

    the last mission was a bit disappointing > but saying that most games final level are usually a bit of an anticlimax

    on the whole I've really enjoyed playing Black Hawk Down :D

    don't bother playing multiplayer unless you've got a really fast connection > the ingame pings are dreadful 2000+

    I've gone back to playing the demo on-line
    getting pings of 200+ which is really good for dialup ;)

    60 kills & 19 deaths > 2 shots per kill = 2z the super sniper


  7. avsdotcom

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    cough cough splutter :eek:

    I bow down to your superior sniping abilities LMFAO

    u know wot i mean ;)
  8. napalmnthemorning

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    I just started playing this last week, GREAT game. I've used the trainers a few times for some tough missions. My only glitch is the opening movie is sputtering when it starts, and the background colors in the terrain are purple/pink. I did't have this problem before I patched. Of course logically I shouldn't even be able to play this game on my specs:

    P-3 600
    320 MB memory
    Voodoo 5 5500 "Amigamerlin 2.5se driver"