Do you know the name of this movie?

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by koko, Apr 19, 2003.

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    o.k., this has been bothering me for years.

    when i was a kid, i saw this movie on tv. i think it came on cbs (in america). i was probably around 8-10 years old. this tv movie would've been on in the mid to late 1970's.

    don't ask why this has stuck in my just has. for some reason, i keep thinking about it.

    i don't remember too much about it, other than it was about a bunch of kids who went swimming in a deep, water-filled gorge or quarry during an afternoon and discovered this huge snake-like creature - it looked kinda like an eel or something. it was really big.

    anyway, that's about all i can remember. anyone know what this tv movie was called? :confused:
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    I'm sorry, no :(
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    I remember seeing a twilight zone expisode like that where these kids go swiming and they swim out to this like raft thing in the middle of a lake and this big creature like kills them one by one and there all afriad to swim back to shore so they just die cept one guy gets the nuts to swim.
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    That was Creep Show 2. Bad movie. :)