Do we have Lawyer in the house??

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by OTE, Jun 12, 2002.

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    I recently brought Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza, but it doesnt work on my computer although the hard ware specification of my machine is nearly double that of what is required.

    The shop i brought it from does not do refunds because of copying of software. I have contacted seirra twice and we have been unble to fix the problem. What is my legal stance on the matter and what are my rights
  2. i'm not a lawyer but i guess now u know that b4 u buy something u ask them about their return policy
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    i guess it depends which country ur in as to wot the laws / rules are.
  4. Taurus

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    pretty much screwed unless you want to let us have a crack at the problem. }:>
  5. OTE

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    i was afraid of that. BTW im from UK, if that helps.

    Here is the Windows XP requirements for DH:N Plaza:

    Processor equivalent to Pentium 400
    128 MB RAM
    DX8 compatible 16Mb g/crad
    High colour 16bit +
    4x CD ROM
    MS mouse + keyboard
    860Mb free HD space
    DX8 compatible soundcard

    My system (WinXP + latest updates, SP 1 beta not installed):

    AMD Athlon 1.4
    256Mb DDR RAM
    Radeon 8500 64MbDDR retail - latest official drivers (6071)
    Upto 32bit colour
    52xCD ROM (LG)
    Keyboard + Mouse
    40GB Maxtor bout 40% full
    Creative PCI 128
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    Your perfectly in your legal right in the uk to return goods, no matter what they are if they are not fit for the purpose they are intened - ITS LAW. If the game states the requirements and you exceed them and still doesnt work thats not your fault. If the shop still give you hassle after that then i suggest reporting them to the office of fair trading and trading standards.
  7. OTE

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    That what i said to the manager but he said if there was a fault then 100,000 of the games would have been recalled. Also i am rather worried about the Creative OCI128 as being DX8 compatible, and weather it could be the source of the problem.
  8. Hipster Doofus

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    Similar thing happened to me. I took the game back & got them to load it onto one of their machines. It failed. Got my money back.
    If this is a legetimate problem don't let them get away with it.
  9. mathew

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    Whats the name of the shop,, i may be able to help you out here, i had a similar problem with a games shop in surrey,, i threatened to report them and the refunded me,, (eventually)
  10. gonaads

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    What exactly did it not do? Did it install completely? Does it lock up when it tries to run the game? Do you get a Blue Screen? Will it even try to run the game? You haven't mentioned any of this.

    Try to run it in a window and not full screen. If I remember correctly it's ummm... after the end of the command, (example -->) game???.exe/ w There is a space between the forward slash and the "W". Do it from the "run" BOX. Anyone please correct me if this is wrong. I haven't had to run a game in a window in a while. Most of the time when a game will not run it's video. You can also take the game back to the shop and tell them to give you another Disk. Or what Hipster Doofus said, have them load it onto a machine there at the shop. One that is similar to yours.
  11. OTE

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    mathew- Whats the name of the shop,, i may be able to help you out here, i had a similar problem with a games shop in surrey,, i threatened to report them and the refunded me,, (eventually)
    The name of the shop is C and N Cycles in East Grinstead.

    The game appears to install fine, but after restarting, i double click the desktop icon and a window appears with 'Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza' in the title bar. Rather than opening to a full screen it just stays there, (black background in the box), you cant hear any sound either. The only way to get rid of it is to right click close or ctrl-alt-del.
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    The AI in this game is really bad. I can't believe this game came out of Sierra.

    If you have plans to purchase this game, don't.... its really really bad.

    The game has these wire fences which the AI can't seem to shoot through so they just stand there looking straight at you but as if you weren't there.

    (did i write that coherently???)

    Not all that good a game =P

    Btw... just a possible solution for ya, go download a nocd fix for it and see if it works good after that.