do u think i can prolly get a refund?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by the_music_man, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. the_music_man

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    i have a s520 canon printer and i've had it for less than a year. the warranty is about to end soon. Do you think i could get a refund or is all they can do is Fix My printer even tho i don't really want it even if its freaking fixed b/c im so mad @ canon and i hate that printer forever. i just want my money back. every1 on ebay would probably returfn it b/c its ****tyand so theres no way i can sell it.....a
  2. gonaads

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    It has been toooo long. Most places will give a refund if it is within 30 days. If the warranty is 1 year and the warranty is from the place you bought it from then what they will do is either get it fixed or give you a new one. The same with the manufacturer... I think they fix or replace with a new or refurbished unit.

  3. SkazzyUK

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    You won't get a refund, my dad could get a refund tho, he would just go an threaten them that if they did not give him a refund he would chuck the printer and probably some staff through the window,

    He did that a pcworld and we got our money back, a new printer and new cable :D

  4. Nick M

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    No way you're getting a refund after that long.
  5. the_music_man

    the_music_man aka prodj88 =P

    well im mad b/c its the ****tiest thing i've ever seen and i will chuck my printer @ them.
  6. well it looks like you've learned a lesson.

    always test everything before you buy it and make sure you read the warranty info thoroughly.
  7. gonaads

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    Get an Epson Color. Cheap and good.

    I've used Epson for 8 years. I still have my first Epson Color Printer from my Win 3.11 For Workgroups days. And it still works. :p
  8. dreamliner77

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    Be glad you don't have a Lexmark Z22. I waste half the ink just getting it to flow. Expensive ink. Cheap plastic build.

    I miss my HP Deskjet 500c
  9. JohnnyGreb

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    Worse printer I ever had:
    Canon BJC-5000

    Works great.. until you reboot, then a reinstall is required. Plus it takes like 5 minutes to turn on and warm up.

    I tried to take it to a used computer place to sell/give away, but the manager took me in the back and pointed to a pallet of them stacked in the corner.. They had like 15 of them that they couldn't sell b/c they are such a POS.

    Now I have a Lexmark 1100 (?) that works ok.. nothing spectacular, but then I hardly ever print anything out. I run a test page through it every couple of weeks just to keep the ink flowing.

    I'm just cursed when it comes to printers.. I managed to break a HP LaserJet 4, and those go forever usually. :(
  10. Henyman

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    i got a Lexmark z53 + it rocks:cool: the cheaper mono lexmarks are ink guzelers but the z53 are quick,fast + reliable.

    btw they would only fix/give you a new one rather than give ya ur money bk:huh:
  11. jonifen

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    I've always used Epson too... printers are slightly more expensive than HP, but the cartridges are loads cheaper, so you save so much more over the years of using it :)

    I've still got the original Epson from my 3.11 days too... Epson Stylus Color ESC/P2 - big lumpy thing, but still works :)

    If there was room at my gfs (where I live now), I'd have my 670 with me... but I donated it to my mum, and I share the kids' 680 over the LAN instead :)

    and regarding the refund? no chance m8... you got a better chance of winning lotto