Do not smoke while handling ammunition.

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by RazerBack, May 14, 2004.

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    Not sure where to post this. As tragic as this news story is about, I just find it really funny. Man do I feel bad for the people and especially the soldiers.Source

    Smoking Soldiers Ignited Ammo Disaster

    Thu May 13, 8:57 AM ET

    KIEV (Reuters) - Two smoking soldiers set off tons of ammunition that killed five people, caused $725 million in damage and sent debris showering across southern Ukraine last week, the emergencies minister said on Tuesday.

    A series of blasts hurled debris as far as 25 miles after fire broke out last Thursday at a warehouse complex where 92,000 tons of artillery ammunition was stored.

    Blasts were still heard on Tuesday, emergencies minister Hryhory Reva told parliament.

    "At about 12 o'clock on Thursday, two servicemen, who were stocking military ammunition, began smoking at their working site. It caused the fire and set off the explosions," he said.

    The blasts caused some $725 million in damage to the defense ministry and population in the Zaporizhya region, he said. They destroyed buildings in a two-mile radius, including a local railway station.

    A minor gas pipeline was also damaged. Metal fragments and other debris were thrown 40 km, causing fires in nearby towns.

    Authorities evacuated some 7,000 people from the surrounding area. People started to return home on Tuesday, five days after the initial blasts.

    Some parliamentary deputies have demanded Defense Minister Evhen Marchuk resign because of his inability to turn around the ex-Soviet state's struggling armed forces.

    The Ukrainian army has seen its reputation battered in recent years following a series of disasters.
  2. Lucky I dont smoke then isnt it!
    I bet the club would be pleased if I blew up the place :eek:
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    my friend's boy friend lost a friend from that... that's not the first time... :( R.I.P.

    he almost died from it.. cuz his friend called him in.. but he was busy doing other stuff
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    how stupid do you have to be to start smoking among ammo.
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    ^ Exactly my point. :)
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    Whow!! That sounds bad.... 25 miles.... 7,000 people evacuated....
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    Very tragic. You really appriciate how nasty that must have been if you've ever been around any Artillery pieces when they were fired. Just ONE 155mm round being fired is enough to make most people soil their undies the first time they hear it, but HUNDREDS of rounds exploding!!!
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    Come on, how dumb can you get? They shouldn't have been smoking in the first place. Taking the lives of innocent people just because they smoked. Sad.