Do i need to install the software that comes with cable ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by luddeluring, Jun 25, 2003.

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    Hi there !

    I just found this forum and it seems like a nice place !

    I have a small question, when i get Comcast cable internet, will i have to install the software i get from them to connect, or can i connect without that ? if so, how ?

    Thank`s !
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    Welcome to NTFS, luddeluring. :)

    No, you don't need to install the software. If your network connection is set to automatically receive an IP address, it will do just that, and you'll be connected pretty much instantly.
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    I have Comcast cable and they try to get you to install that software they send ya but you dont need it. Only prob is that you have to setup a bunch of stuff yourself, network connection, email account and a few others. Easy stuff but if you have any probs just post what you need help with. :D
  4. luddeluring

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    Hi ! :)

    Thank`s for your reply,

    Ill get back here if and when i need help :)

    Maybe it`s no big deal with the software they want you to install, it`s just that i have never liked progs like that, it`s the same with MSN i have now ( Dialup ) i don`t use their software, but it took sometime on the live chat with them before they gave me the info i needed :)

    Thanks again :)