Do I need Networking?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ellisb7, Jun 9, 2002.

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    I think I have been wrongly advised to install networking. Seems to be the flavour of the month. Now I have 4 PCs and an ethernet switch, all on XP Pro. I am now bogged down with Permissions, Access Denied, administrators, users, owners, 5 levels of security , even things called 'objects',etc, and it will not do what I need.

    I am the sole user. There is no one else who uses computers.

    I need full access to the computer from every room as if I am sitting in front of the computer.

    I do not need logons,shared files and shared folders, permissions,domains, workgroups,etc.

    I just need total and free access to everything in the computer from everywhere inside the house, with a branch line out to the Internet.

    Can some one please advise what set up I should have?

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    You only need networking if you plan to share resources from one machine to the other. If each PC is operating as a standalone PC, you don't need networking.

    As for the internet issue, you will need one of three things:

    1. An Internet Connection Sharing Device such as a Windows XP or Linux box w/ ICS installed

    2. An Internet Gateway Device such as an Internet Gateway or Router.

    3. You ISP must provide you with multiple IP address for straight switch-to-net forwarding.

    Personally, since you plan to have all your boxes as standalone, I would choose option 2. Option 1 will require you to network the machines to one WinXP box, and option 3 will cost you about $10 more a month.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I need to work on a programme, first in one room, then perhaps continue on the same work in another room and so on, as my wife is moved around ( she is an invalid).
    I think I ought to get rid of all computers except 1 and use it as a mainframe with terminals in each room, ie not as a network. I think the network idea is the wrong concept for my needs.
    Any comments ? And how would I do it?

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    Using terminals would be using a network too.

    I suggest you use Remote Desktop since you have XP. Choose one of the computers you want as the server (preferrably the fastest one and with most disk space). The you can run Remote Desktop from any of the other machines to access it. You will see the desktop just as if you were sitting in front of the server machine. All files will be stored on that machine too. No need for file sharing and all the other stuff you had problems with.
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    Trying to set up Remote Desktop, so far without success.
    What I have at present is a Home network on XP Pro/TCP/IP with an internal modem (ICS) in the main computer, and a printer attached to the main computer and shared via the network. Ethernet switch.
    I am the computer administrator on all computers. I do not log on.
    There is a guest spot but there are no Users.

    Workgroup Name:- ROSE

    Computer Computer
    Description Name

    Main computer with modem
    and printer --------------------- No 1 BILL

    No 2 FRED

    No 3 JOHN

    No 4 PAUL
    Remote Desktop system says that No 1 is called the 'Remote' computer and the others are 'Clients'.
    Firewall is all 'Off'

    Set up Remote Desktop:- No 1 computer. System Properties/Remote tab: Tick 'allow users to connect remotely to this computer'


    With Administrator rights I should be able to see the No 1 desktop on any of the others. But I cannot.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    The formatting disappeared in my last email.
    Workgroup name: ROSE
    Computer description;No 1 Compr Name: BILL
    Ditto ;No 2 Ditto ; FRED
    Ditto ;No 3 Ditto ; JOHN
    Ditto ;No 4 Ditto ; PAUL

    No 1 is the 'Remote'. The others are 'Clients'.

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    Remote Desktop works!
    The trick was to have a password (which I did not want but i'll get used to it)
    So now I can see and use the main computer from any of the satellite PCs.