Do anybody knows this video card???

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by mtbnl, Nov 17, 2002.

  1. mtbnl

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    Please take a look at the attachment, and let me know if you know this card? and where i can find a driver for windows 98?
  2. Tabula Rasa

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    I did a search on the UL website ( there was a sticker on the video card that had these annitioals).

    maybe i missed something so here is the address:
  3. gonaads

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    How about a pic of the top side of the Vid Card. It may help.
  4. adek

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    think it might be made for a compaq machine if so can you tell us what machine it came from???:confused:
  5. shoulin

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    all u need is the numbers on the gpu, if there is a heat sink on it u can remove it to look, if it is an old card it prolly doesnt have a heat sink, those are the numbers u want

    since it's prolly jsut a refrence design anyways
  6. mtbnl

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    Heee, guys thnx for the quick response!!!! Now i've found out, that it is the following card, maybe you ppl can get me a driver or tell me where to find!!!

    this is the card: 16MB M64 TNT2 Graphics Board

    And it's a compaq machine, EYM/c466/10/8/64cm nl
  7. huFFamOOse

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    Ah if it's a TNT2 then it's a nvidia

    Graphics Driver » GeForce and TNT and you're card is listed there
    TNT2 Model 64 (M64)
    TNT2 Model 64 (M64) Pro

    Download the detinators and try em out. Dunno how good they'll be on such an old card, even my geforce 2mx runs worse with them so i rolled back. Think theyre more aimed at the gf3/4's now :¬f