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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mikemacd, May 9, 2002.

  1. mikemacd

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    Whenever I try to run the disk cleanup utility in Windows XP it constantly hangs up at the "compress old files" part & never completes. After I try closing it, my entire system seems to slow down considerably (like accessing folders, opening menus, running programs etc.)

    Any help greatly appreciated
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    happens a lot actually I know a lot of people with the same problem... am not sure what causes disk cleanup to slow in the first place but is always around the compressing part...

    get something else to do it such as NORTON.. which is what I use ... get NOrton diskcleanup or whatever it is called and it will do the same thing but better.. for me at least :)

    otherwise go to www.cnet.com or www.fileplanet.com and search
    for shareware/freeware apps that do the same without hosing up your system...

    sorry I can't help with the ms version of disk cleanup more... if you do a fresh reinstall it will work fine for a while though...
  3. mikemacd

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    Thx for the tips...just got Norton Cleansweep...works fine
  4. mikemacd

    mikemacd Guest

    Thx for reply...BTW, You're right, I found the earlier fix your post referred to & it works. Much appreciation.
  5. MyJelleo

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    Is the "Compress old files" really that important to have in the registry?

    because if it's not, I'll just leave it out.
  6. mikemacd

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    Yeah, you can go ahead & safely delete the key entry in regedit. I did it & it restored disk cleanup to prior working condition.