Dish Network questions..

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pc_tek, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. pc_tek

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    sorry folks, but its a general chatter forum so I thought I would throw this out there...

    I am looking at satellite TV, specifically Dish Network... just wondering if you have it, how ya like it??????????:eek:
  2. Highwind7777

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    its pc_tek again!! my Dish Network changes channels on its own...wanna perform an exorcism? lol, just joking :D
  3. thebull

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    I have it. It is very nice. I live in the middle of nowhere and didn't get crap. We just get the basic AT50 and it covers most of the basic stuff we watch. No problems with any of the equipment as of yet....had it for about 9 months.

    Hope that helps. :D
  4. XPletive

    XPletive bbbb-ring...

    A friend of mine started with The Dish system, but then
    decided to switch to DirectTV because they offer better sports packages. The Dish Network got better reception in the
    rain than DirectTV.

    He was able to use his Dish dish with DirectTV, and we
    only had to rotate it an eighth of an inch to switch satellites. :)
  5. Polaris

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    Directtv and Dishnetwork are pretty much the same in price.
    but the big difference is this:
    directtv-get it if your into sports
    dishnetwork-get it, if your into movies
    Satelite is 1,000 times better than cable, worth every penny

    and don't get conned into getting the dishguide like my wife! we haven't been able to stop it!
  6. pc_tek

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    thanks for the replys people.....yes highwind777 even yours....LOL:D

    Ill be ordering it soon and should have it by next friday. Thanks again!
  7. thebull

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    BTW, isn't it true that Dish Network is buying Direct TV??

    That would really make it a nonissue:D
  8. Polaris

    Polaris Guest

    Yes and no. they still have to go thru all these hoops to be approved of the merger. but I saw the customer chat on the sat yesterday and they seemed hopefully[they also blasted disney for trying to blackmail them, that was funny]
    they said it should be merged by this summer