Disable idle-defrag in XP

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  1. If you are a hard-core gamer like me then you propably already defrag on a regular basis and like to disable things you don't need/use. Here is one of them, basically what it does is rearrange files when your system is idle, and mine is never idle so it needed to go.

    Run regedit and find this key:


    Look for or create this DWORD key:

    'EnableAutoLayout' use '1' to enable, '0' to disable.
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    For those of you with PerfectDisk installed:
    If you've let PD manage your files, the automatic XP defrag should already be disabled. I checked the key, and it was already set to 0. :)
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    That is actually XP's built in boot layout. This is what BootVis does, just that XP does it on its own. XP will move files according to the layout.ini file in the Prefetch folder. This process will run when the system is idle, but no more than once every three days. I personally recommend leaving this alone. If you want, you can force XP to do this when the system is not idle, to prevent it from doing it when it is with the command, Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks