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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by vivid_vibe, Feb 8, 2008.

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    If I want to purchase a Directx 10 card, but do not want to upgrade to Vista from XP, is that possible? I've been a little confused on this issue. I just don't want to have Vista, am I alone on this? Thanks for any information,

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    yes its possible. Vista is not as bad as people like to make out.

    I generally find that those loudest about how "bad" vista is are also those that are more clueless about how computers work and such like :)
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    and they have poo machines, vista works fine on my old p4 3.4, my amd64 x2 and my intel quad boxe :)
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    Any newer video card will work fine with XP, it will just be a DirectX 9 card, but that is not a bad thing. I have an 8800GTX and I love it!!!
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    I agree. My only two gripes about Vista, though, would be a rather difficult bug to patch that affects Vista installations with more than 3 GB of RAM on certain nForce motherboards (KB929777). I honestly don't know how a non-power user would ever be able to figure out that one. The only other issue that pissed me off considerably was the hell of a hard time I had getting .NET Framework 3.5 to install, which turned out, for me, to be a general installer patch that's available, but wasn't thrown on Windows Update (KB929761). Again, I imagine a non-power user would have a hard time with that, but, at least this time around, I don't know many non-power users who would bother to install that. Vista SP1, I imagine, should rectify both issues automatically, though.

    Other than that, my general advice would be not to try and install Vista on really old hardware. It never once crossed my mind to try and upgrade to Vista on my old AMD Athlon 2400+ computer, for instance. Not only do I imagine that it would run slow, but I also know that my wireless networking card and scanner were so old that they didn't have Vista drivers, and I was uninterested in buying new ones.

    I'd say that Vista is about applying a little common sense. :)

    Yes, it's possible to use a newer DX10 card in XP. Since DX10 is Vista-only, however, it will only use DX9 in XP. I haven't heard anyone complain about that yet, though.
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    Yes the 8800GTX and the 8800GT are nice cards.