Direct Connect Issues

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SMAnsari, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. SMAnsari

    SMAnsari Guest

    Is there a way to disable spyware in Direct Connect?...Thanks
  2. greendevil

    greendevil Guest

    What Spyware would that be?
    Either way, go grab Ad-Aware.
  3. Golgac

    Golgac Guest

    I use direct connect and direct connect ++ . I also use the latest adaware and don't find this spyware with which you speak. Please fill me in on direct connects spyware.

    edit: if you are referring to the ads displayed in dc then I dont know how to disable those.
  4. SMAnsari

    SMAnsari Guest

    DC Spyware

    No particular spy ware issues with DC, just wondering if they exist...I know they can be insidious and I was curious if anyone knew of any...Thanks anyway
  5. greendevil

    greendevil Guest

    There is a program called optionz.exe which can fix this, search on any DC hub.