Digitally signed scanner drivers?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Banzai, May 11, 2002.

  1. Banzai

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    Hi, I'm new to Windows XP, as I've just bought a (lovely) new PC. However, now I'm now trying to install the drivers for my scanner (Colorado USB 9600), and it's saying I shouldn't use them because they're not digitally signed... Is it safe to proceed?
    I tried to look at Primax (who made the scanner)'s website, but it seems to be gone... Should I just install them anyway?
    I'd be grateful for any help. :)
  2. Skwowwy

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    It should be safe to install them, anyway. :) If there's a Windows 2000 driver, use that, since Windows 2000 is nearly the same as Windows XP.

    Edit: if it doesn't work for some reason, try going to Device Manager and go to your scanner. See if there's an exclamation mark. If there's one, update the driver (XP will look in its database for the proper drivers). Otherwise you'll have to contact the manufacturer for the proper drivers.

    Everything should work, anyway. ;) I say that, because my scanner isn't digitally signed either and it works perfectly. :D
  3. _uXb_

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    colorado usb your bottom dollar you run into probs..:(

    my friend has a TINY ltd PC..:eek:
    It came complete with a scanner thats just a rebadged colorado 19200...there are NO XP drivers for any PRIMAX scanners.
    HHhhmmm ?...after having read most of the scanner posts on the various forums the only way around it is to download the windows 2000 drivers (pismusbeng.exe)..I think... and go from there.
    first you change the registry...I refer you to the guide on this site concerning ..

    believe it or not I have had success with my brothers scanner (colorado) and also my friends scanner on my own system,but I cant feckin remember how I done it,and cant get it to work on my mates at all.
    If you cant get the drivers then pm me or mail me through and I'll share any help I can.
  4. ChrissiCom

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    XP compatible (WHQL signed) scanner drivers are really hard to find, although all new HP and Epson scanners offer them. I am using an Epson Perfection 1250 (with 139 EUROs really not expensive) and it has WHQL signed XP drivers and works really great so I can also use the Epson scanning tool instead of the WIA tool from windows.