different path beside reformat.

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  1. i just finish installin my os and my programs (not yet finish). and during this time i receive a virus called backdoor.sdbot


    my norton says that it is unrepairable and i have boot up in safe mode turn off system restore and i tried to scan and delete the virus but again as it was on my regualar boot, it says taht it cannot delete the virus.

    im thinking to reformat, but is there another way i didnt try yet to fix this?

    btw i ahve antivirus 2002 w/ the latest virus defintions.

    ty for ne help.

    ;o yea not a week till i builded the system and got a virus =\ poor me.
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  3. i already went to dat site, did everything, but i cant edit the regetit cuz it wont get deleted. when u say reinstall windows does dat mean reformat, n lose all my data.
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    try again, starting in safe mode disables the virus, from there you can delete, is regedit playing up ? is it is rename it from regedit.exe to regedit.com
    it works fine from a command window, and is a work around for bugs that fook your .exe extensions.

    if your havn't got rid, read the guide again.
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    All you need to do is remove the infected file then cleanup the run entry via regedit or msconfig.

    You do not need to format the system or reinstall windows, this worm leaves no lasting damage to your system!

    Removing the exe may not be straight forward in some cases but starting the system in safe mode is the best way to remove it.
  6. well i got tired last night n i just decided to reformat, i end the process of everything connected to the virus dat i could find from the sym. site. and still i couldnt delete it, when i did, after 2 hours of tryin, i rebooted again n it gave me an error sayin c:\windows\system32\system32.exe has not been found or somethin, after dat i click ok and i was tryin to surf the net but it kept on sayin im not connected to internet althought i could go thru my network. weird so i decided to reinstall losing 14 gigs of movies 5 gigs of Mp3z =\ sad coulndt back up cuz i lost my disc of partition magic LOL ;o well im FRESH AGAIN.