did i screw up?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by da rock, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. da rock

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    getting ready to hook up 2 pcs using 1 dsl account,thought i needed a router so i ordered one w/ builtin 4 port switch. got to
    thinking and called my dsl provider,and they tell me that all i needed was a 4 port switch because i already have a router(cisco
    678) i thought it was a modem. so do i need to send back the
    router i order and replace it w/ a 4 port switch or can i use it w/
    my existing hookup? help please!:confused:
  2. Raven76

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    If this is what you have, it is in fact a personal router. In most cases you would have done the right thing. I have never heard of an ISP supplying a router/modem combo. You can probably still use your router to route to the other router, but that would be more redundant than this sentence, and more expensive than a switch or hub.

    If it was me I would return the router and buy a 4 or 5 port switch. It's actually cool that they are hooking the customers up with that kind of hardware.
  3. da rock

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    yep thats the one i'm using right now, checked with tech support
    at my dsl provider and was told that i could disable the dhcp setup in the Linksys that i ordered and it would act as a switch
    only and not a router(?) i 'm not sure of that so if anyone has any
    ideas on that option i'd like to hear'm. if not i'll try to rma it and get just a switch. thanks for the reply!