Diamond MM Viper 2 Z200 Drivers

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Goatman, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. Goatman

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    Anyone know where I can find XP drivers for a 32 MB Diamond MM Viper II Z200 card??
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    You probably can't. Diamond has gone through so many mergers that is is almost impossible to find recent drivers for any legacy product. I'm still looking for a XP Driver for my Diamond Stealth S450 Xtreme.....

  3. gonaads

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    Here try these to see if they work for you.
    They are for Win 2000.
    Alot of times Win 2000 Drivers work with XP.

    Go to the center of the page:


    There is no such animal for XP... sorry :(

    But they are Windows 2000 WHQL Certified drivers.

    There is also a "supplemental driver for use with Unreal Tournament only" on the same page (at the bottom of the page).
    This is a MeTaL driver and allows for the use of S3TC texture compression in Unreal Tournament.
  4. gonaads

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    Also try here:


    It shows a Win 2000/XP driver for the Savage 2000 at the top of the list.

    I think it is the same Driver as the first one I posted but check them out.

    This other link is in a different language. But the "DEZE" Link in the first paragragh under the "Questions" list at the top seems to be a "b" version of the other Win 2000 Drivers.

    Give it a shot also. That's about all I could find... Good Luck. :)