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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by goldstar0011, Jul 16, 2003.

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    Is it possible for me to dial up my computer and access the data on it or even us it as an internet connection?

    Example - Dial-up my PC from mobile connected to my laptop.

    If not dial-up anyother way?
  2. SPeedY_B

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    you could, but what you'd be doing is running a PPP server on your computer, and then dialing your home phone number getting the computer to "answer" the phone.
    I'm not entirely sure what you could do with it once connected (Never tried it, perhaps someone else has though...?)

    Possibly the best ways of accessing data on your computer remotely are:
    - FTP Server
    - HTTP/Web server
    - Remote Desktop (XP)
    - VNC
    All of these would be passworded, and you'd need an existing connection to connect back to your computer, which also needs to be connected.
  3. cpugeniusmv

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    i have actually done this, and it is remarkably simple...especially on XP.

    First, you have to set up your computer to answer the phone...so in network connections, create a new connection, "Set up an Advanced Connection", "Accept Incoming Connections", put a checkbox in your dialup modem, and Allow Virtual Private Connections, you can then create a user or use an existing one... then select your protocols :) the easiest way to accomplish what you want to do is turn on File and Printer sharing and use that over the VPN. When you dial in, it will be like you are on a network with the computer.

    Getting on the internet with this connection is a little bit more complicated. You have to set up a proxy server, analogx makes a very simple one, and it has some good instructions on setup.

    if you have any questions, pop them in here...it took me a while to get this setup working, but it is absolutely wonderful.
  4. davidprout

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    Can Windows ME accept phone connectons? A friend of mine has Windows XP at home, and Windows ME at work. They both have a modem (only 56k...) and he wants to be able to connect in order to retrieve files etc. I know he will be able to set his XP machine to accept calls, but can you do the same thing in Windows ME?
  5. cpugeniusmv

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    i did get it working in ME, so it is possible....however i can't remember how. i think you have to add/remove some windows components, but i haven't used ME in a while
  6. jonifen

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    could do it through the creation of a VPN?
  7. cpugeniusmv

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    YES! that's it, create a VPN connection between the two computers...

    then you can do the file/print sharing thing...and if you want internet, set up a small proxy on the server computer.