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    Well, since i live in such a run down area for a minute, i am forced to use a dial-up connection. Is there anyone at all who has been successful in getting ICS to work over a dial-up connection? If so, post away, your help is appreciated. Thanks

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    How are you connecting between client and ICS gateway boxes?
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    ICS Over Dial Up

    Well, The gateway machine and client are connected through a 4 port Linksys hub, nuttin major. I mean even when i ran the home networking wizard, i have not received good results. Sometimes file sharing works, and other times, none of the machines are on the network. Dont know what caused this problem.
    But, ICS over a dial up connection does not ever work.
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    got ICS setup with a 5port edimax hub here
    just di dit a few days ago


    The client Gateways are and the Client DNS is

    The dialup i use on the host has been enabled for ICS
    (network properties>right click on dialup account>properties>advanced... and then allow other networked computers to connect to this

    thats it.

    If you are using XP and say win9x (as opposed to both being on XP) i would use the XP cd
    Put the XP cd in, other features and then its there... something about setting up a home network.
    It will configure your other machines

    if you need more help feel free to email me akash.j29@virgin.net
    i know i may not be clear here but as you do things i can help ya step by step if you face any problems