Diablo 2 LoD cd probs

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by gag44, Mar 27, 2002.

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    All right, here's the problem. Whenever I try to play Diablo 2 LoD (or original Diablo 2) it tells me that the Diablo 2 expansion CD cannot be found (or, in the case of orig. Diablo 2, the play disc) I Cn't think of what to do. I have looked in the registry, and the CD value is E:, as it should be. What the hell is going on????????
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    ya, i have v1.9
    and to head off some more possible questions:
    no, it is NOT a burned CD
    I'm running XP home on a DEll v333c w/ a toshiba 8x DVD
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    it's wird, 'cuz the cd drive doesn't spin up or anything. I'm very confused....

    oh, and i have been able to play it, by autorunning the cd and selecting play-- but that means i can't run it with any extra parameters, for launching mods:(
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    easiets fast way

    you could try what i do, its the best way and fastest way. run all d2 files from hard drive. copy some files into your d2 directory... actually i'll tell you what to do step by step, now listen

    1. Do a full or multiplayer install from d2 cd.
    2. Do upgrade from lod cd, after , upgrade to full.
    3. Copy d2music.mpq from lod cd to d2 directory (mine is c:\program files\diablo II\
    4. make sure you get 1.09 patch by connect to bnet or downloading sperate.
    5. now get the bnet\fsgs\no-cd (bnet) loader, i've provided links for you. :) http://gcw.gamingelite.com/games/files/lod28b1.zip
    6. unzip that
    7. apply officail 109d patch. even if you already have it. get patch from www.blizzard.com or www.battle.net (LET THE AUTO RUN GAME AFTER THE PATCH IS APLLIED)
    8. Then run lod.exe in the lod28b1.zip file, from anywhere and slect multiplayer, singleplayer, battlenet , whatever and enjoy!!
    no cd required

    *note" it says to copy movies but you do that when you upgrade to full from lod. got any problems post here
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    if you want to launch mods, you probably need a different loader, i'll try to find one for you.