DEVLDR.EXE : dll failed initiation

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by percyv143, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. percyv143

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    HELP... everytime i shutdown my pc this error always pops up before the sound of shutting down. it shows a " DEVLDR.EXE DLL FAILED INITIALIZATION"... how can i fix this or remove it?
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    sounds like it has something to do with your soundcard
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    found this on another site:

    If you bought the Soundblaster Live maps convincing throughout, you will also possibly have stated apart from the brillianten clay/tone quality and the mad function range that their computer cannot be switched off after the installation of the drivers any longer. As soon as Windows a shutdown tried come messages over the Devldr. exe in the house, which extends and finally to complete hanging up leads a driving down.

    Around the problem to solve you must the newest Creative lab Soundblaster driver of www. more soundblaster. install com. Unfortunately updating does not bring the desired effect with itself. Also the complete Deinstallation of the old driver and the mechanism of the new one cannot align anything at the shutdown problem. They must again-install Windows 2000 completely and up-play directly after the first start the most current drivers.

    A further possibility consists of it the file Devldr. to rename exe, which is possible only in the secured mode.

    1. Let us press the-have immediately after the system start the key F8 and you select " Safe mode”.

    2. Navigate now over the job immediately after " C: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32"and you click with the right mouse button to the file" Devldr. exe”. After it now " Rename"to have selected you know the new file name" Devldrold. exe"writings.

    3. Owing to renaming it is now no more possible on the extended functions of the "LiveWare! "to access, but its PC drives finally down if you liked it. If it did not function should you the file again in such a way bennenen, as was you.
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    devldr.exe dll failed initialization

    thanks. ill try to rename the file and check what will happen.
    good day.