Desperate: I need simple Javascript help

Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by C:Wow!, Mar 4, 2002.

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    Can someone please direct me to some well explained (not in-depth) easy JavaScript I need to do with my web site.

    All I want to do is have a centred popup which appears on each page on my site. I see lots of sites giving these simple scripts away and saying how simple it is, but they're not and their explanations are difficult to understand if you're new to js. Also one site was stupid enough to have the centred dimensions in the script. Surely this would have to be different for different res screens right?

    So, this is what I need:

    A JavaScript script to make a Swish SWF appear as a popup from a button on every page. This Swish SWF is like a navigation bar, and already has links in it which go to other pages in the site. The JavaScript is already in the Swish SWF to "go to url" with an action to auto-close the window (popup) after a link is pressed. All I need is the js to include on every page to make this Swish popup on a centred 640x480 centred popup. It must be so simple but it's driving me nuts.

    This script must centre on all resolutions, and if poss it has to include something for NS browsers. These free scripts have no mention for NS, how stupid too right?

    Sorry it's the wrong forum but it's I'm desperate and I'm hoping someone can gove me good help, not just point me to Javascript dot com free scripts. ;)
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    i dont know about helping... but
    has some nice scripts for free. I just go there, look at em and figure out whats happening. Modify it to fit my needs.
  3. C:Wow!

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    Thanks pc_tek, that site explains things well, and the script does not fotrget NS which makes it a smart script compared to the others.
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    lol, C:\Wow!

    what a cool nickname