Desktop Weather 3.0 help

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by patrick, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. patrick

    patrick OSNN Addict

    Well I've finally installed Desktop Weather after the site was down and now moved to a new server.
    I have it sitting on my desktop in the background so whenever I look at my desktop I can see the weather (for anybody who doesn't have it get it from here:

    But you see the problem is, I use the "Show Desktop" button next to the start menu (same as Windows Key + D) quite often but when you do the Weather dissappears off your desktop. I've noticed that Windows Key + M which minimises all windows will leave it on the desktop but pushing it again doesn't restore it like show desktop (or Windows Key + D) does which is cool. And anyway I'm used to pushing the on-screen button not keyboard commands to get to the desktop.

    Anyone think of a way around this?

  2. gajef

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    Not realy a way around it, but when you have pressed Windows Key + M to minimize the windows shift + Windows Key + M will restore them...