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Discussion in 'Funny Farm' started by silky62678, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. silky62678

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    Hey my friend played a trick on me where on my desktop was filled allover with my icons times 3. so my desktop was overrun with the same icons. She wont tell me how she did it. Does anyone have a idea on how she did it? i was thinking she did something with my desktop folder ?
  2. rettahc

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    Your desktop is just a folder on your hard drive usually c:\documents and settings\user name\desktop. Any files that you drop in there will show on your Windows desktop.
  3. killerk

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    to answer the question, it is really easy to just highlight all of the icons, copy and paste as many times as you want,


    Desktop Chaos.

    that is, if you are in to ghey tricks.
  4. sherpard

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    your friend is so cheeky!
  5. jumpy

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    Well, when you go over to your friends house you can get him back. Take a screenshot of his desktop by pressing PrintScrn, paste it into paint or whatever you want. Save it and then put it as his desktop background. Then hide the desktop icons by right clicking -> Arrange icons -> uncheck show desktop icons. He'll try and click the icons for ages until he realises that there are actually no icons there, muhahhahahahha. :D
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    new york
    I like this one alot
  7. killerk

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    we did this to 5/10 computers in one of the meeting rooms here at work.

    it's all about playing jokes on co-workers, it causes productivity to go down, and more calls for the admins ;)