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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tcunard, Nov 20, 2002.

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    In WinXP Pro running NTFS partition, How do I:?
    Have each of my 5 users on a single PC have diffrent desktop and software installations?
    I.E..... All Users have Winzip installed and Antivirus.
    User A Has Imesh and Quake.
    User B Has Microsoft Office and Nero Burning Software.
    User C Has Quicktime, Imesh and Nero Burning Software

    Ok, you get the idea. Each user will only see the software that they install.
    With the exception of the Administrator. Anything admin installs, everyone gets. Service packs, Virus Definitions, Printers etc....

    When I logged in as User C and installed Quicktime, it showed up on all the users desktops. Don't want that to happen.

    Any Help??
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    Not many programs use the 'install for this user only' option, yet.

    However, you could restrict access by right clicking the folder in Explorer, choosing properties, security tab, and denying executable access, etc.

    Yeah, I'm bleeding. blah.
  3. tcunard

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    I can't believe that this can't be done inherently in XP!?
    Hell Win 98 does it!