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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Vanquished, May 30, 2012.

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    Howdy Everyone,
    (Been a while)
    Just thought I'd vent a little. Last year I got a Dell Vostro 1015 for work (nothing special). Aside from the fact that it had terrible performance which I expected, it had an audio problem from the day I received it, I couldn't send it back because I needed it for work. I finally scheduled an appointment to have the audio fixed (replacement of mobo) and prior to sending it in, the screen got a top corner crack from being in a backpack. I never asked Dell to replace the screen because I knew they wouldn't, however... Dell now is telling me that they aren't fixing the motherboard under warranty either (pretty ridiculous if you ask me, because the laptop clearly wasn't dropped, the audio is the only running problem). The kicker to this whole situation is that they want $795 to replace the screen and the motherboard, funny since it's twice what the computer cost.
    When I get my laptop back, I may or may not fix it, not sure its even worth the 120 bucks it will cost me to replace both things on my own since its a really awful product. I also already bought a cheap refurbished Acer laptop that will be leaps and bounds over the Vostro.
    I used to think the payoff in crappy dell performance came in the form of reliability and service, now it seems that nothing is worth buying a dell for. Not that I was ever a fan, but they definitely lost all my future business. Especially since they killed there mobile division, who made my Venue Pro WP that I love.

    Anyways, just a slight rant on my part, and a word of caution as to dell's new service and support offerings.

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    I haven't bought a dell in a couple of years (sine I got my MAC). But I have heard that their quality of products has taken a little bit of a nose dive as of late. If I ever get a new Windows Pc, which is doubtful, I will build it.
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    The service levels are actually much better than they were a few years back and Dell is consistently rated higher than the majority of it's competition for certain product lines. I am not sure about Vostro line but their customer and tech support should be able to resolve anything that falls under the auspices of the support.

    Did you log a trouble ticket when the issue with your audio first arose? If you did, I would escalate the issue with whomever you spoke with to resolve the problem with the audio, leaving everything else aside. Definitely have a chat with a supervisor or someone because those 2 items should be treated as separate components.

    The display issue, you may be SOL on that but there is a large market of refurb items out there so you might be able to snag a quality display on ebay or craig's list or something.