dell mobos?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by apu95, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. apu95

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    Montreal, Canada
    what are the motherboards dell uses on their pcs? im wondering cuz im interested uin getting a new pc but im not sure if alreay built, or to build it myself

    thx, Apu
  2. XeoNoX

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    They use motherbords that have their altered bios and stuff. If you ever need bios upgraded dont expect one from them.

    It is definatly better to build one yourself
  3. Nick M

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    Much; much better to build one yourself. Dell's suck big time in terms of upgrades; and their prices suck!

    They use altered motherboards; which often have a ton of built in things that may not be upgraded; sound; video; etc.

    Cases suck too; not much you can mod on a dell case. And say you wanted to use that case for another motherboard; say a Gigaybyte Intel board; it would not fit. Nothing but boards by dell will fit.
  4. XeoNoX

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    nick said the other reasons not to get a dell. Ontop of all that, the money you pay for a dell can get you a much better custom built computer (unless you are paying someone to build it for you, even then you sometimes come out better even after paying the person to build it for u).