Dell Inspirion Laptop with Windows Vista, does not recognize multi-reader

Discussion in 'Windows Applications' started by Punkrulz, Feb 13, 2008.

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    Hey guys,

    My friend has a Dell Inspirion laptop that has a multi card reader internally. He is attempting to be able to read cards with the device, however he gets an error message under the system devices that says that the device cannot start. I have tried uninstalling the device and looking for new drivers, however have not been able to find a resolution. Does anyone have any advice for this problem?

    Unfortunately I do not have the laptop here with me at the moment, and it's late. Any questions you may have I will do my best to get them answered ASAP so we can find a resolution.

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    I would contact Dell or go through and from the support links, ensure you have the best software links available.
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    if he has a disc with the system pop it in the drive - go to control panel - system -device manager, and see if there is a device with a little yellow circle with a black ! in it - if there is, the thing isn't installed properly - install it - if it is installed try uninstalling and reinstalling it, and at a last attempt look on the resource tab to see if there is any conflicts.
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    Good point - and also may need to contact them for support or warranty exchange