Delete Windows Or Not to Delete ?????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by alloy25, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    Sometimes the icon for my bin says its got something in I go to delete wateva is in it and it asks me this Question.........WHY???????
  2. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    Sorry running WinXp pro sp1....
  3. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    post a screenshot of the contents of the recycle bin too.

    run a virus checker asap as well

  4. Enyo

    Enyo Moderator

    Its asks out of the blue or when you press empty?

    Its possible windows has become a little confused in its tracking of deleted items.

    When its having one of its empty moments setup the bin as showen in the attached shot.

    Apply the changes and then set it back to how it was. You can then rest assured the bin is actually empty.

    If it asks after that you could always press yes bearing in mind it wont delete the windows dir because of system file protection. However not all files in the directory are included in the protection scope.

    Its a strange one just thought i would give u my rougth thoughts on this :)
  5. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    I run a nav 2003 check every second night ........

    Here is wat is in my recycle bin at the moment but wen I go to delete these things it says do you want to delete 3 items....there is only 2 ?????

    I just said yes to it and this is wat came up......
  6. Enyo

    Enyo Moderator

    I forgot this didnt I :D

    Setup this way it will force windows to remove any fragments or deleted items its holding in the bin it will also allow windows to recognise the bin is actually empty!

    Just an idea but it may work.

    Edit: Sorry for attaching a BMP im rushing and forgot to save it as jpg!
  7. Enyo

    Enyo Moderator

    Search your drive for "dc190" find out what it is and where it is if there at all :huh:
  8. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    It is not on my comp anywhere........

    How can it delete something that doesnt exist?????
  9. Enyo

    Enyo Moderator

    Its Strange mate. Did u search hidden files to?

    Did you try forcing an empty of the rbin the way i suggested?
  10. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    I deleted the 2 files separately and then went out of bin.......i then right clicked and went to empty the bin but instead of saying do I want to delete windows it says do I want to delete speed up ..which is one of the ones I deleted separately.??????:huh: :eek: :confused:

    Wat the hell is going on??????:(
  11. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    It has the same error mesege as well.....
  12. Enyo

    Enyo Moderator

    :huh: My head hurts now!

    Try running this reg fix to place the correct handlers for the bin and setup display and context menus.

    Im still looking into this but i have to say cant find any metion to a issue quite like this!

    It may be worth booting into safe mode and seeing if you can empty the bin normally!

    Have u checked for malware / trojans / viruses that may be causing problems?
  13. sparti_kus

    sparti_kus Guest

    This is a coincidence.

    I recently installed and then promptly uninstalled Microsoft Plus! (via the delete key) and I had the same message. I right clicked on the bin and pressed empty, and it came up with that same message.

    I of course almost shat my dacks and pressed no. I then went to the bin and had a look and there wasn't even anything in there.

    It must be Windows getting confused, because the Plus! directory was located in the same directory as the Windows folder. I ran a virus scan straight afterwards and it found nothing.

  14. uptown

    uptown Guest

    i actually posted on this also on monday with no luck. i ran 2 different virus scans and they came back clean. i went ahead and hit "yes" and everythig was ok. i have done a virus scan along with ad-aware and a reg-cleaner and all say everything is fine.
  15. uptown

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  16. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    The problem has fixed itself......I did wat enyo suggested and it did not work......but then after a while it all came good again ????:huh: :confused:

    Don't know why but its all good.....I like everyone else did all the searches for trojans viruses ETC.....loked in hidden files and did an extensive search of my h/drive and found absolutly nothing.....

    Must be just one of those famous gliches Xp has ....

    Thanks to all who tried to help...:happy: :) :D