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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by wolfpac3nWo, Apr 23, 2003.

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    oh my goodlord!!!! I just applied a new logonui via stylexp. yea what's the big deal right??!!! that's what I was thinking especially since it was from a reliable source... it was for the new vs b0sumi and the screen shot looked great... but OH NO!!!! when i decide to test it out there is no way to logon!!! only the option to shut down. No user name to click so I can put my password in.. nothing. So all I have is a screen that allows me to look at it... or shutdown!! is there a way to bypass the logon???? i tried hitting tab cuz that usually works when you can't see the username... but the only tab stop is the shutdown option. My screen res is 1024... I'm thinking it was maybe supposed to be 1280... but **** man this sucks... can anyone help me!?!?!?!? I'm on this piece of **** computer right now... HELP!!! thanks ahead of time...
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    nevermind I fixed it... i didn't know that you can press ctrl alt del twice to bring up the old logon. Thanks anyway
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    in just such an even as this one, you should actually delete your own post, save many more people like me wondering what the problem was and such...
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    Well I learned something new, so it was worth it. :p
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    I didn't know that either. w00p w00p
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    there is no need to delete a post such as in this thread..

    if it stays than people searching will be able to find the solution the poster did :)