Delete second Windows XP installation

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by prakbrug, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. prakbrug

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    I've installed Windows XP twice. Once on a primary partition and once on a logical partition. Can I remove safely the partition on logical partition without messing up the bootmenu of the second Win XP?

    I've tried it with Partition Magic 7.0 Pro, but he removed the partition after rebooting. But the other Windows Xp installation failed to boot. After copying ntldr, boot.ini etc to that partition it boots but hangs when Partition Magic wants to run his tasks which is very logic.

    Is there a safe way of deleting the second installation of windows XP so I can merge the free space with the first partition with Partition Magic?
  2. max

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    Ill be honest with you ....

    why play around with all that junk ... when you can just do a format and have a nice clean install..... i mean it takes 40 mins to do and its all perfect

    i format every 3 months

    That way you know everything will run right and you wont be plagued with problems in a few months

    or play around with partitions and software for a week ... !
  3. prakbrug

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    Cause there are important files on one harddisk. In need to keep those cause I have no cd-writer.