Delayed XP Boot-up on Small Home Network!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JayCool, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. JayCool

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    I am having difficulty when starting up my computer. My computer loaded with Windows XP Pro appears to have finished loading(there are no grinding hd sounds), but the Norton AntiVirus 2002 icon still has an "X" over it, meaning that it is disabled. After about a minute or two (maybe even three), Norton initializes, and everything is back to normal. I know that "Explorer" is one of the last processes to appear if you Ctrl-Alt-Del, and I am POSTITIVE that it has sometihng to do with the fact that I am a part of a small home network ( a total of 3 computers), one of which is using Windows 98SE, the other Windows Millennium. What must I do in order to bypass this annoying, painfully slow delay?

  2. zman

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    I have XP networked to win 98 and 2K and use NAV2002

    and dont have a problem with that at all.....

    you can try

    let me know if it makes a difference ......

    it sounds like a driver problem to me with a piece of hardware ,

    have you installed the companies updated XP driver for your NIC ?

    i wouldnt trust the default XP one to much
  3. Highlander

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    The same problem

    Hi im having exactly the same problems as you have , im also using nav 2002 and have to wait 2 mins before i can go to the internet.

    The problem is here i have a d-link router witch i use for my other pc.

    the problem is solved when i disconnect my router and connect directly to my cable modem.........
    The problem is that my second pc has no internet acces so i guess i wait that 2 minutes.
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    If you have a home broadband router set to give out addresses bu DHCP, whenever a computer boots it automatically renews it's IP address with the DHCP server. That may be the delay you are refering to

  5. Highlander

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    Can you please be a little more specific and tell me what 2 do pls
  6. grinchmtl

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    Smae problem

    I too have this problem with the boot up hanging on Norton 2002. Everything boots up, including the desktop, but Norton takes a couple of minutes before it kicks in. I am not on a network. Mine is the only computer in the house so that might not be the source of everyone else`s problem. I connect to the internet through a DSL modem. My internal card for connecting to the internet is a D-Link. If anyboby can help me and the others with this I would truely appreciate it.
  7. thornste

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    I am also having same problem

    I am having same problem as you lot, at first thought it was the HD so got it replaced. I have been told it might be the broadband company cant handle all the users so its slow getting an IP address. My PC boots up fine if i unplug the modem.
  8. JayCool

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    I have fixed my problem by going the the network setup wizard...I have done this many times, and i would be able to login quick if i did a restart. Now all of a sudden, I dont get a delay even if i do a cold boot. Try playing around with it

    TSUNAMI Guest

    Dunno, but try JayCool's fix...

    My other suggestion would be to get rid of Norton!... And see if same startup lag occurs...

  10. grinchmtl

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    Jaycoool was right. I did the same thing and I no longer have the delayed startup I suffered from before. Thanks a lot Jay.