defragging the hdd,,,

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  1. Ok i need to knw what this does and how many times this should be done...? is there a way of telling when was the last time it was defragged?

    Also if you can answer this one as well:p in system restore can you delete the restore points created..?? as i have heard that it clogs up the hdd...dont knw if thats true or not:confused: and when does windows make restore points or do you have to do them?

    thx guys
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Defrag like a madman... I have mine set to run every 8 hours... defrag keeps things happy :D .

    XP automatically sets restore points on a daily basis (and when you install certain software)... It uses a percentage of available space... once it reaches it's limit it will truncate the old restore points. If I was u I'd leave system restore well enough alone... it may be a real pal one of these days for you.
  3. Thx lonman..ur right i should leave the restore points alone:D it may save my a$$ one day:p
  4. If you are really desparate for HDD space then you can delete all restore points prior to the latest one by the following method:

    Go to Accessories - System Tools - Disc Clean-up. Highlight the drive you want to clean (usually C). When you hit OK another tab will appear with further options. Select System Restore clean-up and press ok. A vast amount of extra space should now be made available to you.