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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ryan3dfan, Jun 18, 2002.

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    well this isn't actually an xp computer, its win 98. but i couldnt find another good computer forum and its a question that really doesn't concern the OS and i figure you people are knowledgeable enough to have some ideas for me. anyways my old computer i had before i got the one im on now, an athlon xp 2000+, i had set up somewhere else to be used as a secondary computer. its a celeron 366, 128 megs of ram etc. pretty basic but it works for basic stuff. anyways i had a bad storm about a month ago and just before i got my computer's shut down the power went down hard. when it came back up this one was fine, it was plugged into a surge protector. unfortunately for my old computer when i tried to turn it on the next day nothing happened. it was totally dead. i checked my power outlets and everything. tried different ones and all that so its not something simple like that. it actually wasnt plugged into a surge protector, i thought it was but it wasnt. so i think it either fried the computer beyond repair or just blew a fuse in the power supply or something. i want to know for sure though because i dont want to trash a computer i can fix myself without paying anything or paying little like replacing the power supply. anyways its been collecting dust for over a month so i want to mess with it so i can know for sure if its worth trying to get it to work or if i should just trash it and salvage a few parts like my cd burner. thanks for any help
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    if you can why don't you swap out your ps in your new sys just to see if not well..........:confused:
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    yeah i figured that would be the best way to test it but i dont mess with computer hardware too much so i would be afraid to screw something up. maybe i can get a more hardware savvy friend to do it with me.
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    easy... sorta :)

    just find a power supply of the same type and wattage (unless you need more)

    open it up and check the side of the power supply. It should say 250w or 300w somewhere. or your local computer fair would have a good power supply at a decent cost, or usually friends have old ones lying around.

    to change them just unscrew it (after unplugging it of course) and just swap it out. Plugs from power supply generally plug in only one way on your motherboard, so it's safe. Screw it in and make sure everything's set. then power up again.

    if it doesn't work you may have problems eleswheres...
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    ok cool thanks. i have a friend who probably has one lying around. i also have a computer consignment store around the corner from me who has cheap stuff so i can probably find a cheap one there.
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    hm this is interesting. it says that the power supply is only 150 watts. is this normal/abnormal? its about three years old (the computer). im getting ready to go pick up a power supply at that consignment store so thats why im looking at the wattage.
  7. Zedric

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    That sounds very low. Normal would be 250W, 230W or at least 200W.
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    not bad

    yeah but it's 3 years old, so go figure.
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    so what do you think would happen if i put a 200-250 watt power supply in? would i blow my pc?
  10. Grinder714

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    Nah, not at all, It will only use the power it needs....

    If you can get it cheap its a good starting point, and it always pays to have a backup for just such an occasion.