DDR Problems???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by busto, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. busto

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    Is there DDR that needs more than 2.5 volts to run??? The reason i'm asking is I'm building a system for a friend and got a good deal on a stick of DDR256 2100 but after i've got the system together instead of booting it just comes on and the system speaker just keeps beeping over and over again. So working backwards i unhooked everything and with just the processor and memory left it still does it. Any input on this would be great.
    Oh by the way the memory is Non-Parity, Unbuffered, None ECC
    and the MoBo is a Gigabyte 7DXE
  2. ditchhopper

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    I used to have that board. Got the memory in the right slot? Have you got any other sticks to test out, cause you might have gotten a good deal on a bad stick. Did you do a clean install? If not reset your bios to default settings.
  3. busto

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    I tried it in all 3 slots just in case, got nothing...it's all brand new stuff so its a clean install...no other DDR sticks to try
  4. Taurus

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    if possible, try the memory in another comp..?
  5. Zedric

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    Is there anything in the manual or on the website about the beeping? Different patterns mean different things.