Ddr Memory Problems!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by razor_ro, Jul 3, 2002.

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    Hello peeps, just got a few questions about PC2700 ddr memory and settings for them in the BIOS...first off the type of memory i am using is SAMSUNG, its only a 256MB SIMM, thats all i know becuase it says it on the chips and there are only chips on one side of the module, i was running it perfectly with all the settings on the fastest possible for a good hour or two, i did a few benchmarks and nothin suspicious, then all of a sudden i was about to do my 3rd or 4th 3dmark 2002 benchmark and once it started it reset, it kept doing this everytime i would restart right before it would log on to windows XP, it also gave me a BSOD saying something about PHYSICAL MEMORY DUMP, (and i also got a wierd one saying something about my video card once tho) so i knew it was either my ram or my Power Supply, so i lowered the settings from ULTRA to NORMAL (for speed) and i was just wondering what the difference is between NORMAL and ULTRA.... i havent tried FAST yet because i havent had time yet, also BANK INTERLEAVE is DISABLED, CAS is 2, 333Mhz, 4 WAY is on (rather than 2 way), and everything else is set to the fastest possible settings, so if i were to upgrade my 350W ENERMAX PS to a 400W+ would i be able to change my settings to ULTRA becuase i feel that my 350W PS isn't giving enough juice to my system, or could it be my ram??? i was thinking about returning the ram and getting some other kind or should i stick with my SIMM or get a DIMM?? if anyone has any info, i would appreciate it, thanx


    AMD ATHLON XP 1700+
    MSI GeFORCE4 TI 4200 128MB DDR
    60gig MAXTOR 7200 rpm ATA133
    PLEXTORWRITER 16/10/40


    just leave all your settings on default.. pushing ur memory harder than it is designed for is not good.. and i was doing that for a while also to try and fix my memory problem.. but i was getting the BSOD also.. i just reset to default and it works fine now
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    if u mean u enter ur password on the welcome screen + then it ****'s up + restart's i had the same problem. i found that when i used last good configuration it fixed the problem so i could log in, but i only had 4 bit colour, so i uninstalled my geforce 2 + restaerted + all woz fine. 2 aply last good configuration TAP f8 right after the first screen (e.g HP) when it get's the first bar go across, it's a gd idea 2 tap because it can b a bitch 2 get it 2 work, anyway this bring's up a set of option's such as safe mode. near the bottom is last good configuration. load these (all it does is use driver's etc b4 the computer fuked up) after doin this i was able 2 start up, but as i said with 4 bit colour,easy 2 fix by uninstalling the card + rebootin. hope dis helps
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    Change your CAS timing to 2.5...that's probibly what your RAM is supposed to run at. I tried running mine higher and the system won't load XP.