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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Clubber Lang, Jul 8, 2002.

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    Hi everyone.

    Just wondering if anyone on the board can offer their suggestions for a good data recovery program? I need something that will recover data the best from corrupt floppy disks. Before you start flaming me for using floppies, let me explain that this is for my job. Alot of the dinosaurs that I work with, despite my pleading, still save all their essential documents on floppies and not on the HDD. So needless to say, I get alot of management types asking me to recover their documents for them. Of course, only using the disk repair functions in Win2K, I've been less than successful in recovering things (actually I'm at 50% doing this)...I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what software I should look into. I've read up on OneTrack's DataRecovery but the trial version really doesn't let me do much. Any suggestions?

    Thanks alot everyone! This is a very friendly and informative forum! :D
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    the Ontrack easy recovery professional repairs files and can scan floppies/HD for deleted files etc... its worth DLing and trying the trial version which is sorta like the professional but you have to do 1 file at a time for recovery etc... which is no biggie if its just a one time thing. other option is to download it off kazaa and then pay for it later if you like it i've only seen the 5.1 version on kazaa and its not XP compatible but im guessing at work your running NT/2k. Its worth a shot even with the trial version and floppies do suck because of their 1.44size for backing up.
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    also heres a little word document with 200 ways to revive a HD, its worth reading.
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    nevermind im over the limit by 6000bytes so i can't send it but if you want PM me then i'll e-mail it to you. ugh i can never upload anything to here even when its under the limit!