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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by canadian_divx, May 5, 2003.

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    ok i just got my WD 120gb 8mn 7200rpm drive today (yeay) and now to install it, i downloaded the datelifeguard tools and make a disk with it, restarted my system, told it to boot from floppy and restarted agian, it checks the disk then continues to load windows.

    had this happened to anyone before and how can i fix it???

    oh yea the data lifeguard tool is ver 10
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    "make a dick with it"

    Now that IS impressive!!

  3. canadian_divx

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    oh my

    that was not expected out of all spelling errors LOL my bad
  4. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    never mind i figured it out, i just used a ms start up disk then opend the other disk
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    I have same version of Data Lifeguard Tool (v10). Had no problems using with used/new drives (insert disk for boot-up and hey presto). Only bummer is that it will only work with WD drives (makes sense I suppose).