Data CDS For Car CD Player?

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  1. I know this probably isn't the correct section to post this thread but I figured most people here would know what I'm talking about. I'm wanting to know if I can burn a "data cd" with audio files on it, the maximum would be up til' 700MB. Once I burn the cd, I want to know is there a "car cd player" that plays data cds, i guess you would call it an MP3 player? i need a little help here, my knowledge with mp3 players aren't to good.

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    As long as the player says it plays MP3 file format, go ahead and burn mp3 CDR's. Make sure you don't put them into folders on the CDR, but directly onto the CDR. I know some who have done that, put MP3's into folders then burn them onto CDR's. That was kinda funny actually.

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    Yes, you have to buy an mp3 cd player for your car. These will play normal cd's and mp3 cd's me thinks.
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    Sony sells a CAR Audio system with CD changer which will play MP3z

    The few MP3 CD players I've messed with DO support Subdirectories.

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    I have an Aiwa CDC-MP32 MP3 cd player, and I love it! I know there are other brands and models, but I personally think highly of the Aiwa model. Here's a link to the specs:
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    Hmmm... In that case I think you might want to check the new Sony Xplod series... a collaboration with Crutchfield... WOW. You can connect a 6 CD changer that will read mp3 cds. They even have a model that will connect to a HDD and even take your Sony Memory stick! OMG! Yes, we are talking car audio here!

    And if you want a tip... look for a MP3 reciever that will allow connection to a HDD - forget CDs. There's very nice cheap B-brands that sell nice sollutions with removable hard drives you can hook up to your computer when you get home to add or remove songs.

    A collegue of mine has a Car Stereo that runs on Linux! It connects to a HDD. Awesome. If you're interested I'll ask him for a link.

    Willem Moolenaar
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    I've got a jvc mp3 cd deck... model sx980 or something like that (just a cheap one)... and it uses folders like albums... you put mp3's into folders and the deck can treat them like seperate cd's (eg. random within the folder, repeat just the folder).
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    check out pioneers website they have a stereo with a hard disk in the head unit ( i had that same idea) pretty big storage and big price too 1000 USD oww that hurts my wallet
  9. as of now i think they have 50 gig hard drives for cars and if you want you can get a little monitor and play downloaded movies too
  10. here is a picture of one of the dvd,mp3,cd-rw players with hard drive and monitor.
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  12. Yeah man, thanks.

    Post any links if you guys have any of these mp3/cd players.