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    After downloading many avi amd mpeg files in Kazaa I went to the c:\Program Files\Kazaa\Shared folder ,and noticed that along with all the downloaded files I had many .dat files. I figured that I could free up some hard drive space so I tried to delete them but could not, it said "cannot delete download it is being used by another person or program". What are the data fils and are they improtant? Can I delete them.

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    it's only temporary files of current downloads. When your download is finished, kazaa convert the .dat file to the file you've downloaded. So if you absolutely want to delete them, cancel your download in the Transfer tab in Kazaa.
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    some people change the extension of movies to DAT
    it's a good thing to check if it's the movie/ song/ applz you want..change the extension..or try open it with media player.
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    kazaa files have very unusual names. so files named like kazaa023805983620387.dat are very hard to confuse with a song/app/movie name :D