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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Gouk, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Gouk

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    I had DAEMON Tools installed and I then upgraded to the latest version 3.44 and now I have 2 virtual drives even though DAEMON says I only have 1 enabled and if I disable all virtual devices in DAEMON, 1 virtual drive still remains.

    How do I remove it?
  2. GoNz0

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    i would uninstall the proggy, then look in device manager for any scsi drivers related to the virtual drives. uninstall and reboot, hopefully they will be gone. if not running msconfig will show you the startup location of daemon.exe, go in regedit and delete it. once its gone reinstall the new version.
  3. Alex_is_Axel

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    yea thats what i had to end up doing:

    going into the device manager and removing the scsi drivers.. once i done that.. i installed 3.44 again to get the drive back and hey presto :D

    Alex :cool:
  4. Gouk

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    Nothing worked.

    I ended up with 2 virtual devices but I got rid of one and now when I try to install DAEMON Tools I get the error seen in the attachment...
  5. dreamliner77

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    uninstall everything related to daemon tools
    fire up regedit and remove any entries
    try reinstalling

    maybe stick with the older version for a bit
  6. marnmacca

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    Had a few probs with the new version. Uninstalled and reinstalled the older one and got back to normal. I suggest waiting till they sort it out..