D link Network card install prob WIN98 SE

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Flatbeat_Eddy, May 27, 2003.

  1. I keep getting a Missing files error when trying to install my Network card on win98SE, missing file errors, then when i restart Windows i get Missing Files errors on startup.



    and some others have now dissapered from my system. Is there a Service pak for win98SE i have forgotten to DL?:confused:
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    Uninstall the drivers
    Shut down computer
    remove card
    Restart computer
    When Windows is loaded, shut it down again
    Re-install card
    Start computer.

    This should reset any misinstalled drivers. Also it is handy to have drivers ready from the manufacturer and not the ones baked into Windows
  3. Tried that, Its a windows problem

    Im trying to install the DLINK drivers, but i get Missing File problems, then windows asks me to Locate them ETC.

    This is on a CLEAN win98SE install.
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    Have you tried downloading up to date files/drivers from the manufactures web site? Try use them instead because newer drives tend to have these problems fixed.
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    you can either uninstall/reinstall client for microsoft networks, or as i do at work on a regular basis for none network home pc's with that problem.

    open regedit, ctrl F for the find menu, then search dfs.vxd
    delete the entry from the registry.

    then repeat for Vredir.vxd

    also delete it.
    reboot and the problems gone. internet will still work. you will find the same read me on microsoft if you search hard enough.

    (always backup the registry 1st blah... blah.....)