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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Resonance, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. Resonance

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    I tried to do a search before I posted this, but I came up with very little. I want a new custom long on screen. And I particularly liked the Homer version in the DL section.

    I installed it, and I noticed it made the necessary reg tweaks, as stated in the tutorial found elsewhere on this site. But it doesn't show up. So I then DLed the login loader, and reselected the Homer, and still nothing. I tried other log in screens from the DL section, and none of them work.

    I already had the XP login enabled, I needed this because I have VPN setup to school which I needed.

    Any ideas on how to force feed the new option into XP Pro?

  2. Resonance

    Resonance Guest

    Me again.

    I just went into the windows/system32 and completely removed the old logonui file, and replaced it with the logonui from the Homer. And still nothing. Why won't windows comply!!

    Now I see how your parents feel when kids don't listen....
  3. Resonance

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    Last spam, I promise...

    Seems like I fixed the problem, and for those interested, I'll tell you what I did.

    I opened up the registry and had to search for the line gina.dll. Its in the hKey_localmachine_software/microsoft/windowsNT/winlogon. There is a string: gina.dll=csgina.dll. I just deleted that line and it works.

    Setting the csgina.dll installed to "0" is useless, JSYK. I now have my custom Homer longon screen, thank you to the author of that masterpiece, as well as my VPN client.

    Thanks anyways guys!
  4. Zorensen

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    So you really fixed you problem, huh? :)
    Well, if you want to change the logon screen easy, there IS a software who can do this easy for you. Without you being scared of doing something wrong..

    Find it under "Downloads" !
  5. Resonance

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    Thanks, but I initially did try the logon screen editor from the download page. It was of no help. Probably because it was creating another msgina.dll instead of working on the csgina.dll? A quick fix in the registry made things nice.