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  1. r3n3gad3

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    hey all, n e 1 know y in COUNTER-STRIKE - since i installed XP i have been getting this message + server connection dropps:


    i get like, 5 mins of gameplay then it quits with this error with the option "OK" ... yeh loads of help :) lol.

    heres my specs:

    56k modem (yeh yeh yeh, quit ya laughin)
    AMD duron 750 @ 950mhz
    graphics: rivaTnT2 Ultra AGP (new drivers installed - form this site)
    sound: SBLive! player 1024 (also new drivers off this site)
    Windows XP (pro)

    cant think of n e thing else more significant 4 now

    n e help welcome :p
  2. shush

    shush Guest

    m8 i get the same message posted the same question on this site and never really got a fix
    it always seems intermittant sometimes loads of netpacket errors then none
    dont know what the answer is but its annoying
  3. r3n3gad3

    r3n3gad3 Guest

    yeah its defo intermittent alright - so annoying, i'll try posting on a cs forum
  4. Squall

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    Had that prob awhile back

    Heres a few things to try.

    Got to Start<settings<network connections< right click on the connection you use for the net<click properties<network tab< uninstall the QOS packet schedueler

    right click IE icon<properties< connections< set auto dial feature to neverdial a connection

    That sorted it for me but its a common prob with alot of causes so no guarantees