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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by XtremeMorph, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. XtremeMorph

    XtremeMorph Guest

    Just wondering fellow dudes where can i download this software without hastle?? or registering more accounts?

    And have anyone try it? any major problem with it?
  2. Electronic Punk

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  3. Kr0m

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    You can have my HL cd! Urban Terror baby!
  4. CS you can either buy off the shelf in a store(then update your version to 1.4), or you can buy half-life, and DOWNLOAD cs free.

    CS 1.5 is coming out today, so if you have half life, then download counter-strike later today

  5. Taurus

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    WOOHOO, 1.5!!! sweet...

    condition zero is still due in august, right? or is this pushing it back?
  6. Dunno.
    1.3 made CS a little bad....
    1.4 made it crap
    1.5 is just going to add onto that crap and make a big pile of crap

  7. Taurus

    Taurus hardware monkey

    Sacramento, CA
    some people just don't like change. }:\

    i, on the other hand, am looking forward to more balanced gameplay, fixed bugs, added features, and of course, the new map! }:>
  8. XtremeMorph

    XtremeMorph Guest

    The Lan shop I went to uninstall their CD1.4 and use back 1.3

    so it is worth for me to install CS 1.4???
  9. i don't know
    some people like it, some people don't

    the changes in jumping in pretty big..
    try it and see if you like it.
    if not, revert back
  10. XtremeMorph

    XtremeMorph Guest

    Using CS1.4 as a server, can I use CS1.3 client? and vice versa.

    Or do i need all CS 1.4 the same version for both server and client:confused:
  11. fEnIx

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    You need version 1.4 to play on a 1.4 server.
    Would be kinda strange if some clients could jump forever and some had to pause there jumping after each jump wouldn't it ?
  12. XtremeMorph

    XtremeMorph Guest

    very true. Thanks :)
  13. Bootsy

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    too damn easy to get headshots in 1.4/5
    I tried downloading 1.5 from fileplanet but DAYUM!!! gotta wait like 4 hours...i said fuXX that
    in the games section
  14. Yeah.. my friend gets headshot every game.... it's amazing

    AK47 gurantees a headshot from 300 yards away
    no kidding, eh?

    if i look in first person view, the secret is to not aim at the head, but ABOVE it..
    it looks like you'd completely miss them, but you headshot them instead..
    it's really amazing

    fragland.net = good server for downloads
    they don't have very many.. but for half life, etc. they usually do
  15. XtremeMorph

    XtremeMorph Guest

    :eek: that is no good then isn't it. Thanks for the alternate location of downloading the good stuff :)) much appreciate it.

    Hmm most of the LAN shop here, i visited around 4 last week, all still on 1.3.