Creative SoundBlaster Audigy VS Creative SoundBlaster Audigy EX?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by psx2000, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. psx2000

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    I am curious what is the difference between,

    Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum EX


    Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum?

    At my local store the EX goes for 199 and the other 150 and I was in the market for a new sound card and was curious what the difference is and if its work the $ to get the EX?
  2. chastity

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    Well as far as I know that the only difference between them is one is internal and the other is external.

    Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum EX=external
    Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum=internal
  3. Angst

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    Just to clarify a little bit Chastity. The sound card is internal in both. The regualar Audigy has a front plate that goes into one of your drive bays.

    The EX front plate is an external box that sits outside of your case.

  4. pothitos

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    yep the ex has a sort of break out box with all the connectors and stuff on
  5. psx2000

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    Im curious wich one would be the better buy?

    I heard audigy 2 is coming out but i dont think it will be a huge improvement so im assuming this would be a decent buy.

    Thanks everyone for the input.
  6. Jz1397-5

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    i would say anything that is internal would be better, just get the break out box for the card. love the brak out box, love it.
  7. Angst

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    Let me try this again.

    Soundblaster Audigy EX = Internal sound card, front plate is really a break out box.

    Soundblaster Audigy (regular) = Internal Sound card, front plate goes in drive bay in case.

    Soundblaster Extigy = External Soundcard.

    As for which is better? Depends if you want even more wires and cables or not.
  8. Sazar

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    isnt the EX the extigy?

    just wondering... if so than I would go forit... no real price difference and extigy does have front plate/panel and is just a lot more convenient...
  9. Angst

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    Soundblaster Audigy Platinum (sorry forgot the Platinum on my last post) has to versions the regular one and the 'eX' version.
    Both of these are internal cards, non-portable. The only difference is front plate/break box.

    The Soundblaster Extigy is an external sound card/box. You can attach to a computer/laptop via USB. Hence is portable in a way.

    Does that help? If you need more info on these devices please goto, look up products, then specifications.

    doh! ZipTrix, we must writing at the same time, only you posted first! LOL
  10. ZipTriX

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    Audigy EX is exactly identical to the Audigy Platinum with the exception that the LiveDrive! is external, instead of requiring a 5 1/4 bay, and is black in color.

    Extigy is completely external; sound card and LiveDrive! in one box. [/B]
    Comes with Audigy EX

    Comes with Audigy Platinum (2)

  11. ZipTriX

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    lol then I quoted myself instead of editing my post so I could add the pictures, so in turn I deleted my first post lol