Creative or NVidia drivers?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by theevilsithlord, Jul 27, 2002.

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    I have a Creative GeForce 2 MX, and I was just wondering, should I use the Nvidia drivers or the Creative drivers? I have Win XP and an Athlon 700.
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    I,m with Catch
    Use nvidia.........................
  3. yeah, without a doubt, original bundled drivers are never gunna be as good as the latest nvidia ones.
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    agreed... nvidia baby
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    For some while now there is nothing called Creative oreginal drivers.
    the drivers shiped recently with Creative VGA cards that based on Nvidia Chips or the drivers you found on creative web site is actualy Nvidia Detonator Drivers.
    So, you can use the most recent version you found (either on Creative or Nvidia site).
  6. TheBlueRaja

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    I've got a Creative GeForce 4, but i still use the Nvidia Drivers.

    Anything creative puts out is probably the same drivers but with a few name changes here and there...
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    I just updated my drivers from the leaked 30.30's to the MSI 30.00's (until the next latest NVIDIA drivers out), .... i have no problems with them, they have extra features for my card and it looks better :D but they gave me about 50 points less in 3d mark 2001se...... but that all depends on how much you tweak your card (ie. with Geforce tweak utility... i just figured out (doh!) that if you disabled SIDEBANDING it gives you better performance (with 64MB and up cards)......) here were my results in 3d mark 2001se with no o/c:

    leaked NVIDIA 30.30's with sidebanding-> 8872
    MSI 30.00's with sidebanding -> 8836
    leaked NVIDIA 30.30's without sidebanding -> havent tested yet
    MSI 30.00's without sidebanding -> 8952 :D

    i won't be happy till i reach 10000+, hehe, i know i am greedy, i make my pc work like a *****
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    You WILL ALWAYS get better performance from your cards manufacturer's drivers rather than the nvidia ones. Im talking like for like here (ie..2183 creative drivers rather than 2183 nvidia generic.

    Manufacturer's drivers are specially tailored for your card, I noticed better colour with Creative drivers rather than nvidia's generic own. Heck they even say use manufacturer drivers on the website!
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    I just upgraded my drivers to the new Nvidia Detonator XP and I think its a good improvement. Im a big Gamer so I first noticed the difference with SOF 2. The gunshot blasts and explosions were much sharper and smooth.
    After adding a couple of cool Nvidia 3D screensavers the difference was more obvious with colors and glide.

    Offhand, Im lookin for drivers for a Lite-on LTD 163D DVD player, if anyone can help. I cant get this damn thing to recognize a DVD.

  10. Creative! NVidia just makes the chip! Creative made the card. The creative driver should be the nividia driver with added commands to better utilize the additional features of the card. Nvidia driver is generic. For best performance use the manufactuers driver, and default to the generic if there is a problem.
  11. Just putting the chip in the pc does must receive and send data via the card too...differences between cards such as pny's and visiontek's are small but they are there...the intended drivers are designed specifically for the card
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    i always use the hercules drivers for my gfx card - i always get better performance with them than with the nvidia ones... plus the tv-out works properly - nvidias drivers make it look kinda blurry.

    try the creatives and see how it goes... then try the nvidias and see how that goes... pick which one you think is best and post back here an let us know which one u picked :)
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    for creative card go with nVidia. Actually go with nVidia for all of their cards. They are all the same drivers. Only use manufacturer drivers if you have additional stuff like TV Decoder (dont think any GeForces do this anyway)
  14. "The drivers available here are NVIDIA reference drivers and are provided "as is" with NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT. They do not contain OEM/manufacturer specific customizations that shipped with your NVIDIA video card. Please consult your board manufacturer or OEM for supported drivers."-found on Nividia site!!!