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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 03bigMark03, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Hi guys,

    After sorting out my new home network I’m looking to add some functionality to it. Ok I no my second pc is old and that it has Windows 95 so I can’t expect the best of things.

    Well I can play FinalDoom95 and also use RealVNC (read networking issues thread) so I’m hoping to add more functionality to the network. These are some of the ideas that are begging to come into my head.

    Interested areas in networking:

    · Chat software, very functional stuff though must be Windows 95.
    · Some kind of proxy server software just to mess about with to get an idea of Internet gateway’s etc (again 95 machine).
    · Network monitoring software, Windows XP and Windows 95.
    · Running SETI@Home guide but through network/dedicated [old] computer.
    · Any other research software that’s interesting.
    · Mail transfer software (windows 95)
    · Intranet on IIS (normal PC) guide, apache web server is installed for hosting sites.
    · Some kind of good firewall protection to mess about with
    · Any good classic networking games that run on old machines (i.e., arcade games)

    And any other crazy software that you know of. I would like to mess about with this software because I would like to learn the “simple” routes of networking.

    All recommendations are welcome.
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    Your website isnt working...

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    Thought you'd like to know.

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    Private message me for that sort of information. The site is down due to some code errors, now stick to this thread topic!
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    Bloody hell mate....wont bother next time!

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    hope i didn't do that:confused:

    found a few sites but not sure if it's what ya want:confused: