CPU/Video Card Temps + Dual Keyboard/Mouse?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Shirow, Sep 28, 2003.

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    Couple of things... first I want to thank all the people here. When ever I have a computer problem or question, this is the first form I come to. All of you out there have been a great help. Much appreciated! Now...You can see my specs below.. Currently my CPU temp is 51.5C and MB is 40.0C. I have been having problems with my computer being frozen (HD Light is on, but nothing happens. And I don’t use hibernation.. just Svreen Saver to Monitor to turn off), usually after I leave it on overnight. Today I went and bought a new Heat Sync (TK's Silent Boost A1889) and a new fan that I put in the top of my Case to blow out. Now I haven't seen much difference.. if anything it seems to be a little hotter (I used Artic Silver 3 and put the correct amount, about the size of a rice grain). If I close my case up, I have 1 fan on the side blowing out.. but the temp of the cpu gets up into the 60c range, so for now I just took the side panel off. Now it hasn’t frozen on me while I'm actually using the PC so I'm still not 100% sure its the temp.. but those numbers seems a bit high, no? Now on my 3d Card.. that gets really hot to the touch. I put a fan in the PCI slot below the card to help blow out some heat.. but should the 3d Card get really hot? My last question is.. can you use 2 sets of Keyboards and mouse’s on a computer.. say 1 keyboard and mouse using the regular plugs.. and 1 using USB ports? I would like to get a wire less keyboard and mouse I can keep in my TV room, on the other side of the wall, and have the cordless receiver in the room, so When I watch movies from my computer on my TV, I don't have to get up and go to my computer room to change movies.. I can control my mouse from the TV room. Can the computer handle this.. or is it 1 keyboard and mouse at a time. Oh.. Also.. would it be a good idea to not use hibernation, but to have the computer go to standby or maybe just have the HD spin down? How do you let your computer idle overnight? Thanks for any info. Go NTFS!!
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    Hi there.

    Yes you can use 2 keyboard/mouse on one machine, tried that and my friend was pissing me off by moving the cursor everywhere whenever i tried doing something.
    Why don't you try a wireless mouse and keyboard, saves you the hassle of the set up.

    If you're going to leave your machine on all night, it's better to let it go into standby rather than let the HD spin down.
    Once it spin's down and you try to reactive it, you could damage your HD (according to experts). As far as i know, i couldn't get it to reactive after it spun down.
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    yup thats what I have :)

    dual setup... one wired one wireless.... saves me the hassle when I have flat batteries :)