cpu temp + fan crap.. :(

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by cky, Sep 27, 2003.

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    ok when im in bios it says 64c/142f and when i go to the asus probe it says 43c/109f for my cpu temp. wtf..which one is right?

    also i have an SLK-800u + tornado fan and the box says it can run at 5700rpm but it will only run at 2766rpm...how can i get it up 5700

    (sorry im new at all this stuff )
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    Asus probe has some software CPU cooling which I think gives the lower temp. Other than that BIOS more reliable. Lubricate fan.
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    the A7N8X has asus' Qfan feature. it operates the fan at a lower speed until it reaches a certain threshold. i think 50? you can change it's low-end speed in the bios so it'll spin faster than your 2700rpm. or turn it off completely so it's always at full speed, but this would be silly. like i said, it automatically spins up to full speed when it reaches a certain temp.

    as for the bios/pcprobe temp difference, make sure you have the latest bios version for your board.